Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social and employee welfare are determined to help create a better society. As a responsible corporate citizen, we feel responsible to actively contribute our best efforts to enhance the lives of our society and the environment. ALIL is an SA 8000 certified corporate group that follows the best practices on the work place.

Renewable Energy

Our Group is committed to reduce the carbon foot print in every technology we embrace. We use renewable energy resources in every technology.

Tank Restoration

We are committed to keep our eco-system clean and have been instrumental in creating the social awareness in the Coimbatore city, by adopting tank restoration projects, which helped in sustaining the water resources in the city.

Care for Heritage

We feel delighted to conserve our ancient heritage, culture, which stands in the form of temples, monuments and we are actively involved in the conservation project across the state.

Vedha Pada Sala

Education being the prime medium, we run schools for higher secondary education and for the study of the Vedas, to create a responsible citizen of this globe.